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SCC, Cargo

Add-on for an existing bicycle
December 2022, part 1/3 of diploma project

To replace a daily car, it is useful to have a tool to move heavy charges.
Instead of buying a brand new cargo bike, this add-on transforms an existing one (for example a second hand one)into a mini cargo.
The kit is composed of a plate, a fork, and a 20" wheel.

Thanks to two pivots and translation, this add-on can be mounted on any bike, regardless its shape.
A clamp using cables adapts to the shape of the down tube of the frame, and an insert replaces the lowest part of the headset.
The structure is made of steel to be easily crafted and is protected against rust with a surface treatment.

Threaded insert surround the plate to hang accessories such as :
Ropes, mesh or belts to secure stuffs and adapt uses.

credits photos: Veronique Huyghes